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If you are looking for a 2-part Premium Base Nutrient Program that outperforms the competition, we recommend the award winning amino-chelated MASTER A&B.
MASTER A&B excells in all soils, coco, and peat based soilless mixes due to its ability to maintain a lower overall salt index.

Sample Feeding Schedule for Master A&B 2-part Premium Program

'Drain to Waste'
Feeding Schedules

for soil, coco, peat, vermiculite, rockwool, and any soilless blends.

'Re-Circulating' Feeding Schedules
for Aeroponics, Deep Water Culture or Fogponics. (Media used: Hydroton, Perlite, Silica Stones, etc.)



Humboldt Nutrients Master A&B is a premium two-part fertilizer program designed for all plants made with non-toxic, high quality ingredients.

Humboldt Nutrients has formulated this vigorous 2-part nutrient solution for use on any plant, in any growing medium and contains no EDTA’s.

The Humboldt Nutrients team of chemists and agronomists emphasize balance and consistency with all our formulas. Master A&B is formulated to provide your avorite plants with higher absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The Master A&B series stands apart from your standard base nutrient line by making macro and micro nutrients more available to your plant.

Used in conjunction with Humboldt Nutrients powerful additives we assure that your yields and quality will increase so dramatically, that your friends will call you simply, “The Master.”

DERIVED FROM: Ammonium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, , Sodium Molybdate, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Borate, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Boron and Molybdenum


32 oz.$22.95
1 gal.$69.95
2.5 gal.$145.95
5 gal.$256.95


Big Up Powder is a premium bloom booster. Many similar products contain artificial coloring and dyes, but Big Up Powder is free of all of these unnecessary ingredients.

Big Up is specially formulated to efficiently deliver high levels of phosphorus and potassium to the fruit or flower.
Big Up is designed specifically for the first week and final weeks of the flowering period. Plants are in a transitional phase during this first week. By introducing Big Up in the first week of flowering, you effectively flip the switch in your plant, sending it immediately into an intense flowering cycle.
Big Up also provides the final boost of energy that your plants need to finish the bloom cycle with some of the largest flowers you have ever seen.

Big Up Powder contains a diverse amount of specifically formulated ingredients that many competing products simply don't offer, we are confident in its quality and performance.
After using Big Up Powder, expect to harvest much larger and harder flowers than previous crops.

DERIVED FROM: Monopotassium Phosphate, Ascophyllum Nodosum
Contains non-plant food ingredients: 2.0% Humic Acid (Derived from Leonardite)


8 oz.$29.95
1 lb.$49.95
5 lbs.$199.95

FlavorFul is a strong solution of 8% refined Humic acid concentrate, a little known and highly useful additive.
The majority of refined Humic acid formulas on the market are .01% concentration. The clear appearance of these watered down derivatives is an indication of the low concentration. FlavorFul is 8% refined Humic acid with a dark, amber color indicating the high concentration.

FlavorFul is comprised of long chains of organic carboxyl and polyhydroxide acids. This complex molecule is very active with many open rings, giving it a large capacity to hold and exchange nutritive cations and anions.
This beneficial exchange of ions enhances cell wall permeability throughout the root and leaf systems and increases negatively charged colloidal particles capable of holding and exchanging cations. Electrolytes are the key to healthy ion exchanges in plants and animals.

Just as an athlete's body needs electrolytes to maintain proper function on the field, plants thirst for electrolytes to optimize health and to maintain sustained vigorous growth.
FlavorFul contains electrolytes that stimulate plant walls, resulting in smooth and consistent uptake and delivery of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and trace elements in soil and fertilizers.

DERIVED FROM: Leonardite.
Contains non-plant food ingredient: 8% Refined Humic Acid


32 oz.$17.95
1 gal.$58.95
2.5 gal.$134.95
5 gal.$233.95


Ginormous was specifically formulated to help your favorite plants yield the largest fruits, higher brix levels and better aromas.
Ginormous is free of any harmful hormones and is 100% bio-degradable.
Using naturally derived premium ingredients, macro and micro elements and carbohydrates, this unique formula will assist in the highest level of crop performance during their critical blooming stage.

Ginormous is different from the competing synthetic chelated bloom boosters. Synthetic chelates can raise the salt-index in a biochemical system and raise the potential for salt build-up and toxicity.

When used as a foliar spray in the first weeks of flowering, Ginormous effectively flips the switch in your plant, sending it into an intense flowering cycle, initiating multiple flowering sites and preventing fungal diseases from forming on your leaves.

DERIVED FROM: Ammonium sulphate, Monopotassium phosphate, Ferrous sulfate, Manganese sulfate and Zinc sulfate.


32 oz.$29.95
1 gal.$99.95
2.5 gal.$219.95
5 gal.$419.95

Hum-Bolt is a 8% Humic Acid derived from premium Leonardite. Humic acid promotes high ion exchange capabilities, stimulates plant enzymes, increases beneficial organisms and acts as an organic catalyst.
Hum-Bolt is a long-chain molecule which plays many roles in living organisms, it is a free radical scavenger, binding up free electrons, as well as heavy metals which can negatively affect proper cell replication.
Hum-Bolt is a natural chelate and biostimulant. it creates immunities for plants, by blocking viral and bacterial particles from attaching to cell walls.
Hum-Bolt creates more permeable cell walls, allowing for better absorption of nutrients, while protecting the plants by strengthening the cells natural defenses.

Scientific studies have shown that Humic Acid regulates the effects of stress in plants by blocking hormones from reaching stress receptors sites. Without controlling the stress levels of indoor plants you run the risk of lower yields, lower quality crops, and nutrient lock-out.
Hum-Bolt increases microbial activity in the soil, stimulates root growth by flushing out high levels of salt, and vastly increases nutrient uptake for all plants.
Hum-Bolt promotes chemical exchanges which aerate your soil from the inside out, increasing oxygen, increasing the availability of nutrients, and super-charging a plants ability to readily absorb and use those nutrients.

DERIVED FROM: Leonardite.
Contains non-plant food ingredient: 8% Humic Acid


32 oz.$17.95
1 gal.$58.95
2.5 gal.$134.95
5 gal.$233.95

Humboldt Honey ES is a premium blend of cane molasses, yucca, kelp and ocean fish, this carb source is as unique, as it is strong. The ES means Extra Strength. It increases brix levels by providing sugars to beneficial bacteria, fungi, and your plants.
Plants must host microbial life in their root zone to ensure proper digestion, growth and health. Plants feed mycorrhizal and bacterial organisms near their root zone with carbohydrates. This is the symbiotic relationship between plants and micro organisms.

When a plant goes into a fruiting cycle they immediately divert sugars and carbohydrates from their root zone to their fruiting bodies. It is at this time that using Humboldt Honey ES becomes most crucial. As the plant naturally channels carbohydrates to new flowers, buds, and fruits, the microbial life in the root zone suffers and starves.
By using our thick premium Humboldt Honey ES in conjunction with our nutrient feeding schedules you not only enhance the quality, flavor and quantity of your crop, but you maintain all the healthy microbial life present in the plants digestive system, the root zone and surrounding soil.

DERIVED FROM: Kelp Extract, Pure Cane Molasses, Yucca Extract and Ocean Fish.


32 oz.$23.95
1 gal.$73.95
2.5 gal.$168.95
5 gal.$301.95

Humboldt Roots is a highly concentrated organic root stimulant that expands the root zone during the critical growth stage.
The soul of every plant resides in the roots. A large yield is directly related to a plant's metabolism rates, and plant metabolism rates are directly related to their root zones' uptake of nutrients and fertilizers.

Humboldt Roots was specifically designed to expand the root zone, resulting in larger yields.

Contains non-plant food ingredients: Ascophyllum Nodosum, Humic Acids derived from leonardite, Potassium Humate, Quillaja Saponaria Extract, and Amino Acids.


125 ml.$41.95
250 ml.$69.95
500 ml.$114.95
1/2 gal.$385.95

Mayan MicroZyme is a 100% organic and ecologically safe beneficial bacterial complex with multiple species of soil microorganisms that will increase fertility while providing vital nutrients to all types of plants and crops.
The micro-organisms present in Mayan MicroZyme mineralize nutrients, produce and regulate nitrogen, build organic matter in your soil, and improve fertility andfruit yields by increasing nutrient uptake and availability.

The micro-organisms in this concentrate are dormant with a long shelf life because of the micro-encapsulating solution. When the concentrate is diluted in water and aerated, the micro-encapsulation dissolves and the micro-organism populations become active andincrease in number.


4 oz.$19.95
8 oz.$31.95
16 oz.$54.95
32 oz.$96.95

Myco Madness contains a biologically active package, 8 mycorrhizal species, 12 beneficial bacteria and 2 Trichoderma species well-suited to a variety of media, soil conditions, climates and plants.
Myco Madness contains mycorrhizal fungi that colonize plant roots and extend the root system into the surrounding media, greatly enhancing the absorptive surface area of root systems.

Myco Madness helps in forming an essential link between the plant roots, organic matter and fertilizers of all types. Also included is a specially formulated natural root booster.
Myco Madness helps plants enjoy improved nutrient and water uptake and superior plant performance.

Humboldt Nutrients, employed one of the leading mycologists in mycorrhizae studies to help in the formulation of this yield and quality-enhancing product.


8 oz.$49.95
1 lb.$99.95
5 lbs.$399.95

ProZyme - Enzymatic Concentrate. Enzymes are biological catalysts, derived from living organisms. Catalysts increase the speed of naturally occurring chemical reactions. Prozyme, is a concentrate, made up of over 80 different beneficial enzymes, which break down dead root mass, starches, carbohydrates and nutrients to make them readily available and useful to the plant.

Prozyme is a natural chelate, or a biological key, carrying the elements necessary for plant health, and delivering them into the cell wall for maximum absorption.

Organic and conventional nutrients can contain complex macromolecules which are harder for a plant to break down and absorb than smaller compounds. Prozyme stimulates the "pre-digestion" of these complex molecules, allowing the plant to absorb and immediately use the nutrients. Since each enzyme has specific role to play in catalyzing reactions, the diversity of enzymatic species in Prozyme assures that each task required by the plant is performed efficiently and rapidly.

When using Prozyme as a catalyst for chemical reactions, the rate of reaction can be over 15 million times faster than if left un-catalyzed. Without proper enzymatic activity, absorption of nutrients is sluggish and incomplete.


32 oz.$39.95
1 gal.$139.95
2.5 gal.$339.95
5 gal.$659.95


Sea Cal is a highly concentrated growth enhancer and calcium supplement that offers vital nitrogen and calcium in the specific ratios necessary during early plant development. Calcium is very important during a plants vegetative and flowering cycle, controlling aspects of cell wall structure and permeability. Calcium is absorbed into a plant through the root tips, but plants are not always able to completely satisfy their need for calcium through their roots.

Sea Cal also contains Potassium silicate and Humic acid. By thickening and strengthening cell walls, Potassium silicate protects plants from extreme temperatures, plant stress, harmful fungi and dangerous pathogens.Potassium Silicate is to plant tissue as calcium is to strong bones. With Sea Cal your garden is less susceptible to plant stress due to the cell wall’s resistance to compression, contraction and expansion due to temperature.

Sea Cal makes an excellent Foliar spray. When sprayed on the leaf tissue, the stomata’s absorb the calcium with great efficiency, providing protection from powder molds which can grow on leaves.

DERIVED FROM: Ammonium Nitrate, Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed, Calcium Gluconate
Contains non-plant food ingredients: 0.50% Humic Acid (Derived from: Leonardite.)
0.10% Silicate (Si) derived from Potassium Silicate


32 oz.$33.95
1 gal.$129.95
2.5 gal.$314.95
5 gal.$599.95


Sea Mag supercharges your plants, supplies crucial elements that plants require and prevents and corrects potential nutrient deficiencies.
Sea Mag is loaded with vital elements which help control cell division, cell growth, cell differentiation and various internal processes.
Sea Mag can be used to supplement magnesium and to increase plant growth.

DERIVED FROM: Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed, Phosphoric Acid and Magnesium Sulfate.
Contains non-plant food ingredients: 1% Humic Acid (Derived from Leonardite.)


32 oz.$23.95
1 gal.$79.95
2.5 gal.$189.95
5 gal.$359.95


Verde is a premium growth supplement with 16% nitrogen, 1% phosphorus, and 2% potassium, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium and other vital elements. Lush green colors and vigorous growth are what you can expect with Verde. Used as a foliar spray or as a growth catalyst for hydroponic or soil crops, Verde keeps plants healthy throughout their life cycle.

Verde contains every element necessary for a true growth supplement, increasing the rate of chemical reactions which facilitate plant growth. Accessible nitrogen is the key for a plant's strong and vibrant internal structure. A robust internal structure means a healthy immune system, a necessity for a plant to thrive and produce high quality crops.

Verde is a blend that contains high quality, cold pressed Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed, Humic acid and oure Yucca Extract. This unique product increases root, stem and stalk structure, while boosting chlorophyll levels and protecting the health of your plant.


DERIVED FROM: Urea, Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed, Phosphoric Acid, Sulfate of Potash, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide and Magnesium Oxide.
Contains non-plant food ingredients: 1% Humic acid (derived from Lignite), 1% Yucca Extract


32 oz.$22.95
1 gal.$79.95
2.5 gal.$189.95
5 gal.$359.95