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Overall Dimension: Height: 8"


Overall Dimension: Height: 16"

$ 281.95 $ 699.95

West Coast Growers offers two pollen presses now: the smaller "Neato Hand Press" for the occasional use and the newcomer "Jack Patty", a 6-ton hydraulic press for serious production runs.

Both units are made from "Air Craft aluminum" to avoid contamination of the pollen with iron oxide or paint, resulting in a cleaner end product.
Each press is individually hand crafted, tested, and comes fully assembled. Made in the USA.

Both pollen presses can be dis-assembled easily. The images below show the individual parts.

netolarge1 netolarge3
neato-jackpatty-parts2 Endcaps, Cylinder and Piston
Containment Ring, Piston,
Pressing Plate, Extraction Plate

Piston Insignia
(choose one with Neato Hand Press)

neato engraved-pistons


"Jack Patty" Instructions (.pdf)