LucaloxTM PSL

400W, 600W and 750W

High Pressure Sodium
Photo Synthesis Light (PSL) Lamps with improved reliability specifically designed for Horticulture applications using GE’s XO technology.
These GE horticulturally rated lamps are rated in lumen maintenance cycles which provides the user with lumen output half life.

Superb Performance and High Reliability
  • 21% brighter
  • 2 year warranty
  • GE’s advanced sodium resistant ceramic helps eliminate early failures to give a rated service life of 10,000 hours.
  • The lamp uses extra rugged monolithic arc tubes equipped with GE Reliable Starting Technology which provides continuous high performance.
High Xenon-Fill gas delivers:
  • extra light and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) output.
  • more resistance to mains voltage fluctuations.
Zirconium gettering system gives:
  • improved PAR maintenance that drives constant and uniform plant growth.

Lucalox PSL
Data Sheet

Lucalox PSL
750W HPS


GE - High Pressure Sodium Price
Lucolux PSL 400W   $64.95  
Lucolux PSL 600W   $89.95  
Lucolux PSL 750W   $112.95  
HPS 1000W   $99.95  

1000W G.E HPS bulb  



    The heart of a high pressure sodium lamp is the arc-tube, manufactured from transLUCent ALuminum OXide (LUCALOX) which was invented by GE in 1962. From the launch of the original Lucalox range - the world's first high pressure sodium lamp - GE Lighting has led the way in this technology, offering specifiers and users every option to achieve long useful life, low operating costs and energy efficient performance.

    Lucalox XO lamps incorporate very robust and reliable construction, which fulfills the most demanding requirements. There are fewer parts, and only 5 critical welds. Simplicity and robustness deliver higher reliability, even in vibration-prone roadway applications.
    The ceramic tube is more transparent, and the gas pressure is increased, for higher efficiency and light output. The new ceramic is also more resistant to chemical attack by the sodium dose.
    Lucalox XO lamps create the most efficient and reliable HPS systems to date. The production processes are highly automated to ensure consistency from lamp to lamp. During assembly, items critical to quality are measured and controlled.