Talk about easy! The era of hand-dosing seven days a week is over. The IntelliDose controls your nutrient and pH levels for you, on demand. Whether you are beginning with a small hydroponic garden or making a living as a full scale hydroponic farmer, the IntelliDose takes care of your plants!

The IntelliDose will dose up to a eight part nutrient recipe, with the ability to program adjustable ratios for each of the parts. Imagine the possibilities! As plants consume nutrients, it compensates by adding more nutrient concentrate. As water levels decrease, it can balance the ion ratios in your reservoir by adding water (with installed float valve). It measures in 3 scales, CF, EC or ppm, and can measure from .1 to 99.9 CF / 0-4999 ppm.

Are you tired of fiddling with your pH daily? Tired of calibrating, testing and topping off to make it “just right”? With the IntelliDose, those days are behind you. Simply calibrate the pH probe twice a month, designate your set point and the IntelliDose does the rest. Your plants will love you for it! The IntelliDose will run pH Up or pH Down for even better accuracy. The pH range is 2.0 to 12.0.

Now, for the most exciting part! For the first time ever you can control the unit with your PC. You can easily install software on your computer and connect the IntelliDose through a USB cable (all supplied). Once connected, you can run the AutoSet Wizard and your system’s dosing times, intervals and necessary levels will be programmed for you. If you like to have more control, you can manually set up the IntelliDose via PC or on the monitor itself.

With the IntelliDose you can:

  • Utilize the data logging feature to track the nutrient uptake, pH fluctuations and temperature changes
  • Set the alarm for a phone alert via PC modem if something goes wrong
  • Designate different ratios of your A, B and C nutrients for exact measurements
  • Automatically adjust your nutrient levels between day and night


4 Channel: $2600.95 (Part Number: 95080)

8 Channel: $3450.95 (Part Number: 95081)



The IntelliClimate™ is the ideal climate controller for all sizes of grow chamber. It controls temperature, humidity, lights and CO2 in a unified way to obtain the best possible growing climate. It does all this while minimizing wastage of CO2 and electricity.

A standard feature of the IntelliClimate is the USB connection to a PC. This provides a new level of user friendliness and allows the grower to easily view and change settings, view readings and look back to see what growing conditions were like during periods when the grow room was unattended. The PC also provides for remote alarms and even text messaging to a mobile phone. With remote access software you can carry out all these functions over the internet or phone connection. Note that the controller will operate fully without a PC connection with the exception of the scheduling feature.

If you want to achieve the best possible growth rates and have the ability to “steer” the crop to a perfect outcome, the IntelliClimate is the grow room controller for you.

With the IntelliClimate you can start small and gradually add to your equipment until you have the most sophisticated system possible, if that is what you desire. If growing in difficult climatic conditions (very hot or very cold) then you will need to start with more sophistication than if you are in a more temperate area.

PRICE: $2195.95

(Part Number: 95040)