The BOSS Series GROW Stand offer the widest range of light mover configurations found on the market today. The GROW-Stand simplifies the task of light rail placement within the grow space because of this unique system of tubes.
The design allows for lateral adjustment of the hoods and lamps depending on shape, size and wattage. The design is optimized for 400, 600, and 1000 watt HID lamps while providing the muscle to keep everything safely where it belongs.
3' and 6' long rail systems are available for Light Rail 3.5, which can easily be integrated with our stand-a-lone Boss Grow Stand or with our Turn Key System's on-board light rack.

All BOSS Light Rail Systems include motor and rail.

Light Rail 3.5

Image shows optional
BOSS Light Rail Integration Kit
and Hood Hanger Kit

Benefits of Light Movers:
  • No hot spots
  • Increased light coverage
  • Fewer lamps needed for the same square footage.
  • Lights can be closer to vegetation promoting higher growth rates without burning.
  • Deeper light penetration
  • Shadow shifting
  • Less thermal load on ventilation equipment

Light Mover Price Part Number
Light Rail 3.5 + Rail $229.95 0090-00035
3 foot Rail only $19.95 0010-00003
6 foot Rail only $19.95 0010-00006
Solar Revolution (SRV)    
SRV-2(2 arms included) $527.95 0090-00222
SRV-3(3 arms included) $548.95 0090-00333
SRV-4(4 arms included) $567.95 0090-00444

"Solar Revolution-ary"
Light Mover

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