Digital Ballast

Digital Ballast
Complete Light Systems

global 1  -Microprocessor controlled.
 -Extra output with improved reliability.
 -No RF interference from ballast or output cables.
 -No need for cooling fan.
 -Comes with BOTH 110v and 220v power cords.
 -Extremely tolerant of main voltage fluctuations.

 -Save money over old core and coil ballasts-
 -15% extra luminance with same input power and wattage.
 -Up to 40% electrical current savings over electromagnetic ballasts.
 -No moving parts to break and replace.
 -Enables lamp life 3 - 4 times that of electromagnetic ballasts.

User Guide: global 2
This product must be equipped with the right High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamps to get the highest efficiency, safety, and luminance output from the lamps. The digital ballast is widely used in indoor growing, green house supplemental lighting, and street, parking, and stadium lighting.

1. The ballast is for indoor or enclosed use only.
2. The ballast does not rely upon the luminare enclosure for protection against accidental contact with live parts.
3. The input power wires should be at least 18 AWG 3G.
4. Please connect the wires according to the drawing below and to the right.

diagram 15. To ensure the product works under the right operation, the electronic ballast should be equipped with the right bulb.
6. The green wire on the output side should be connected to ground, but the other wires (white & black) should NEVER be connected to the green or the ground. If this occurs the ballast will be BADLY DAMAGED!!!
7. There is over 4kV peak voltage at the output terminal of the ballast, so the power MUST be shut OFF and unplugged when installing, repairing, and testing. Repairs should never be done by the end user.

global 3

Igniter Safety Protection:
If the ballast does not light up immediately or after a power failure/surge, it should restart after about 60 seconds. If the lamp does not fire after 6 times changing, the output power will automatically shut off. Please turn the ballast off and unplug the unit, troubleshoot the issue and then restart.


Standalone Prices:

Digital Ballast Price
400 Watt $167.95
600 Watt $216.95
1000 Watt $383.95



Standard Ballast

Digital Ballast
Complete Light Systems

-Multi-Volt capability.
-Compact size.
-Aluminum Heat Sync Housing.
-Louvers for maximum cooling.
-Rubber feet for noise and vibration reduction.
-15ft detachable lamp cord.
-Durable powder coated finish.
-8ft grounded power cord.
-5 year warranty included.

Switchable between MH and HPS / 120v and 240v

standard 2

standard 1
Magnetic Ballast Price
400 Watt $147.94
600 Watt $159.95
1000 Watt $145.95

Industrial Ballast


Industrial Ballast Price
1000 Watt $129.95
industrial ballast